{Pregnancy} Pregnancy Update and My Must Haves!

Boom! 24 weeks into my pregnancy already. It seems like yesterday that I found out I would become a mum.  I thought it was time to jot down a little update on how things have been going.  I feel I haven’t been keeping a good enough personal journal of my pregnancy, this is hopefully a start.

How have I been feeling?

Second trimester has definitely been a lot kinder to me than the first.  When I hit the 14 weeks mark I finally felt like ‘myself’ again. Of course I’ve had a few moments along the way, mainly due to low blood pressure. That is just something I’ve got to deal with…headaches and dizziness are not fun!

Sleep has also become a bit of an issue, I had a bit of initial insomnia and would wake up several times most nights. I am having really weird drams, darn hormones! I will have to invest in a good under eye concealer, hit me up with your recommendations!

We had our 20 week scan and all was well with baby, but my placenta is sitting very low and to the front. At this stage I am not terribly concerned as I know that it has plenty of time to reposition, so we are booked in for another scan at 30+ weeks to see if has decided to move and then I can forward plan from there about the birth.

I also started a birthing class through the Daisy Foundation which runs for 6 weeks, its time I faced facts that baby will be coming out and I hopefully will get the chance to meet some other mums to be.

What have I been buying?

I talked a while back on Insta-Stories about some of the things I have purchased, so I thought I would share them here too…

YesMum To Be Cards –  A little bit of positivity to wake up to each morning. I am so glad I bought these for myself.

How to grow a baby and push it out– The well known book written by Clemmie Hopper aka Mother of Daughters. A nice little light-hearted read and some advice from a midwife and mum who has been there and has the beautiful kids to prove it.

Elemis Oil – If its good enough for Victoria Beckham well heck its good enough for me! A lovely way to bond with baby daily as well as *hopefully* dealing with the inevitable stretch mark situation!

How have I been dealing with the whole ‘wardrobe situation’?

I had been wearing my own clothes, jeans etc until 2-3 weeks ago when my bump just took a real growth spurt and none of my jeans fitted!! I ordered about 10 pairs of jeans online (I am still a size 6 and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find size 6 maternity wear) and nothing fitted. Its a silly thing to stress about but the only thing that fitted me were by super comfy Hush joggers, which you can’t wear ALL the time…but dang they are comfy. I have been wearing them to my baby classes and also to physiotherapy for my back so I have definitely got the value out of them.

So back to the jeans, after consulting with my sister she raved about her Isabella Oliver jeans and they last her 2 pregnancies, I decided to bite the bullet and order a pair. Oh. My. Not only do they fit but they are so dang comfortable, I highly recommend them to you guys.

Have I started the Nursery yet?

Yes! We ordered the cot and chest of drawers and have built them. We still have a lot of work to do in the nursery as there are some settling cracks to fill in and walls to paint, but there is no rush as obviously bambino will be with me for the first 6 months…but I like to be prepared and I have a theme in mind 🙂 so look out for a separate blog post (or two!) on that topic! You guys know I am going to have fun with this little project!

If you don’t already, you can follow my Nursery Ideas board on Pinterest if you too are looking for a little inspiration!

What am I planning for the coming weeks?

Exercise. I am trying to get out and about as much as possible for walks and also very gentle gym sessions. The fitter I am now technically the easier birth should be. I live in hope!!

Much Love,

Judy xo

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