{Pregnancy} A Whistle Stop Tour of my Third Trimester

Hey everyone!

I’m sitting here today, term plus 6 (overdue if you aren’t sure what that means!) … anyone who has been here will know that time feels like it’s literally standing still so I thought it might be therapeutic to reflect back on my third trimester (plus it should pass a little bit of time by keeping me occupied).

I started my pregnancy with the best of intentions to document it in detail but as it progressed I just couldn’t find the courage or energy to do so.  Even though my pregnancy has been fairly straight forward so far and there have only been some minor bumps along the way, I have always remained cautious about talking in too much detail about it. I’m one of those ‘don’t count your chickens until they hatch kind of people’, so I think I’ll be more keen to reflect back on my pregnancy after baby arrives.

Anyone who read my pregnancy announcement blog will know it has taken me a bit of time to get to this stage and at one point, I wasn’t sure I ever would so I am truly grateful that I’ll soon be meeting my little bundle, if it would ever decide to get a move on 🙄

Third trimester has been fairly good to me, I feel like I bloomed, well, at least up until last week…now I feel I look overtired, a bit pale, with black bags below the eyes which certainly aren’t Chanel….all the result of some terrible nights sleep, numerous bathroom trips during the night and the inability to ever get comfortable. It all seems so vividly similar to weeks 0-15. 

I’ve keep myself pretty busy during this trimester…so I thought I’d share some of the highlights of the things I’ve done. There have been some less good moments too, but I might share those another time.

A huge highlight was definitely going to Amsterdam back in May for a little 4 day trip. Hubby and I lucked out with the weather and had an awesome time. The brunching and shopping scene is INSANE and I could quite happily move there tomorrow. My favourite brunch spot is a toss up between Coffee and Coconut and the Avocado Store..their pancake games were strong. Amsterdam is also home to one of the Miffy stores, I have always wanted to visit one so it was great to finally get to browse all of the lovely pieces…we bought some really cute things for baby…at least that’s what I told everyone… 😍

I also started a new job this trimester, at around 35 weeks (when normal people decide perhaps its time to wind down and go off on maternity leave 🙃). Although I only got to work briefly with my new team, I’m looking forward to getting to know them better and get stuck back in after maternity leave.

Babies nursery was my main hobby/project this trimester. I’m so glad I started it back when I had energy as I don’t think I would have been as committed to it if I had to start and think about it now. It’s comforting to know that it’s complete and exactly how I envisioned it … another thing i can tick off the list. Here’s a sneak peak but I want to do a bit of a proper tour after baby arrives…it’s so cute, I know you’ll love it.

Lucy and Belle Star Cushion

I’ve also been working on my birth prep over the past few months. Hollie de Cruz (founder of the Yesmum Birth Project) kindly gifted me the hypnobirthing home-study programme. I’ve been working through it and it has been a really affirming experience. You might remember that one of the first things that I bought when I first found out i was pregnant was the YesMum positive affirmation cards, so I was so totally chuffed when she got in contact. The programme has been really helpful and has helped me get into the mind frame for birth and (hopefully) prepare me to make any difficult decisions along the way. The guided sleep relaxation audio track is worth it alone, it has helped me relax and drift off to sleep any night where I was overthinking things or just couldn’t sleep. It even worked on hubby  😂 I couldn’t recommend it enough!

I think it’s really important to have some kind of support during pregnancy..my husband, family and friends have all been amazing but I sometimes find that you also need support from someone who is also in your situation. I have an instagram friend who found out she was pregnant around the same time as I did and so we had similar due dates and were therefore able to support each other along our respective pregnancy journeys. It meant a lot to me to be able to talk about my experience with someone who was literally going through the same thing, and being able to share and talk about nitty gritty details and all the while reassuring each other that everything will be okay. I’m chuffed to say that she has just had her baby…exciting and looking forward to meeting up later on in the summer 😘

Over the last month or so I have also found a new respect for my body. Over the past few years I have felt like it had failed me (I was off work sick for months and have had 2 operations)..so it’s crazy to think I have grown a little baby from something the size of a sesame seed to a little watermelon (as per the Ovia app!). It’s hard to argue, a women’s body is pretty incredible. I keep reminding myself that my body knows what it’s doing, and has got me this far…so I know that it is prepared for labour, birth and beyond. 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this little blog, it’s certainly passed a little bit of time for me today and has been quite therapeutic for me to reflect over some of the positives of the past few months.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Much Love,

Judy xo


  1. Louise
    25/06/2018 / 16:26

    Such a lovely read Judy! Cannot wait to meet your little bundle of joy! Lots love

    • judy_shevlin
      25/06/2018 / 16:32

      Thank you Louise! Let’s hope it’s super soon! Xox

  2. 25/06/2018 / 22:18

    Fab wee read Judy. I remember the overdue days feeling like actual weeks, hang in there girl, it’s tough but always worth the wait. Big hugs and all the good luck vibes for Labour xx

  3. 30/07/2018 / 12:35

    Awww… This post is indeed very heart touching. I just love it. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome post.