Hello there and thank you for stopping by, my name is Judy and I’m the person behind French Grey Lifestyle Blog.

Why Did I Start French Grey Lifestyle Blog?

I first started blogging early in 2014 after my husband and I built our own home in the Northern Irish Countryside in 2013.  My passion for making a cosy home blossomed into an real passion which I began to share on Instagram. Since I got such lovely feedback about the style of my home from readers I decided to create French Grey Lifestyle blog.   My interiors ethos is ‘beautiful and practical’ from William Morris, that guy knew what he was talking about. I’m a full-time Health Care Professional by day which is a fairly serious job. It can be stressful so blogging isa great method of self care.

What Do I Blog About?

I like to share some of the other little bits of life too such as blogs on recent travels, interesting recipes and general well being.

Although I’m no fashion blogger but I do love style and will share with you all some of my favourite pieces. Don’t be scared to ask where items are from, I will do my best to help! You can also shop my style too!

My husband and I welcomed our son Rory into the world in June 2018. I hope to add another little string to my blogging bow and share with you all our journey into parenthood.

What Do I Do for a Day Job?

As a Healthcare Professional, I’m a huge advocate of mental health and positive mental wellbeing. I think it’s important because it’s such an important aspect of being human. Our emotional, psychological and even social well-being is affected by our mental wellness and it can have a huge impact on how we think, feel and act throughout our lives. It helps determine how we relate to others, how we handle stress, care for ourselves and make life choices from childhood, right into old age. I try to promote this as much as possible online and offline.

Thank you again for stopping by and taking the time to read this! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest blogs.

Much love,

Judy xo