Collaboration // Getting Ready for the Autumn Deep Clean with Chefs Collection

Winter is Around the Corner

The weather is changing and we’re moving headlong into Winter. I’m starting to turn my attention to preparing my home for the dark and cold days ahead.

The interior of the house tends to get a little neglected over the Summer, as it’s quite a busy time of year between holidays, family days away, and generally trying to enjoy the long and warmer days. Plus, most of my spare time is usually spent trying to tame the garden and exterior of the house.

By the time Autumn appears  however, the main rooms are crying out for a deep clean. I think the best way to find enthusiasm to tackle it is to treat myself to new cleaning utensils. In keeping with my mantra of ‘stylish yet practical’, nothing beats cleaning tools that tick both boxes. This year, I have a few luxurious cleaning utensils from Andree Jardin, a French company that specialises in making brushes. They will help me clean the cobwebs from the chandelier, dust down the radiators and clean those far reaches of the house that haven’t seen a vacuum cleaner since last Winter.

Stylish Yet Practical

My favourite new cleaning tool is this ostrich feather duster, it’s super effective at dusting those hard to reach areas. It’s also really soft so it doesn’t do any damage if your dusting around something fiddly like a chandelier. I’ve also found its great on mirrored surfaces too, like the mirrored dressing table in our guest bedroom.


To help me sweep up those pesky crumbs, this dustpan and brush is stylish and super practical, how cute is it in pink?. It’s got real horse hair bristles which are all natural and are a long-lasting alternative to plastic throwaway brushes. Also, it comes with hooks in matching colour so you can display it, I think I’ll hang it in my utility room above my sink.

To help with washing down all the shelves and cleaning pots & pans…this washing up kit includes a wooden dish brush, pebble sponge, stainless steel sponge and a wash cloth. It looks great styled beside the sink and has everything you need for a deep clean.

The Andree Jardin home cleaning collection has a luxurious range of stylish, practical utensils and cleaning tools to help you love your home this Autumn.

Much love,

Judy xo

*This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with Chefs Collection. All words and images are of course my own!