And so to Sleep…In Collaboration with Algram (AD)

For me, my bedroom is my sanctuary. After a busy day there’s nothing I love more that climbing under the covers, closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. It’s all the sweeter now that my little one has found his love of sleep after a year of regular wakening throughout the night.

The average person sleeps around 8 hours a night, totted up over a year thats roughly 120 days spent in bed each year!

To get a great nights sleep there are some basics that we have to get right. Our sleep environment can have a huge impact on our quality and quantity of sleep.

Firstly, it’s good to thoroughly address some of the key sleep loss culprits. Working on these various elements can actively improve sleep health:

  • Ensure that your bed and mattress are 100% correctly designed for your personal body shape and size. This includes mattress design variation for couples for each side of the bed.
  • Avoid eating and alcohol before bedtime
  • Switch off from working within two hours of bedtime
  • Banish phones/tablets & laptops from the bedroom
  • Avoid tea or coffee within four hours of bedtime
  • Lower the noise levels – ear plugs can be useful for light sleepers

First on the list and the most important is ensuring that your bed and mattress are right for you. Algram which is a family run interiors store since 1958, based in Ballymena in Co. Antrim prides itself on its expertise and ability to help you choose the right mattress and bed for your individual needs.

They recently refurbished their Bed Studio and have created a perfect environment to view and try a range of mattresses and bed frames to suit your budget and needs.

Algram sources the best mattresses which are made from natural materials such as cashmere, silk and organic cotton. These natural materials are more breathable which keep you cool in bed during the summer and warm in the winter.

It is recommended by the sleep council that you should change your mattress around every 8 years. So if your mattress is the cause of your poor nights sleep, perhaps it’s time to invest in yourself and get some quality sleep starting with your bed.

For more information, pop into Algram’s new Bed Studio and discuss your needs with their experienced staff or read more here.

Much love,

Judy xo